We actively promote and support several key e-Governance initiatives that empower individuals and communities through digital platforms. Here are the details of the initiatives we endorse:

Startup India Portal and Mobile App: The Startup India initiative aims to foster an environment conducive to the growth of startups in India. The portal and mobile app provide a comprehensive platform for startups to access information, resources, and support services, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MyGov App: MyGov is a citizen engagement platform that enables individuals to participate in governance by sharing their ideas, opinions, and suggestions on various government policies and initiatives. It provides a direct channel for citizens to connect with the government and contribute to decision-making processes.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money): BHIM is a mobile payment app developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It facilitates secure and instant digital transactions using Unified Payments Interface (UPI), allowing individuals to make payments, transfer funds, and receive money directly from their bank accounts.

Farmer Portal: The Farmer Portal is an online platform that provides a range of information and services to farmers. It offers access to weather updates, market prices, agricultural best practices, government schemes, and other resources to support farmers in making informed decisions and enhancing their agricultural productivity.

AgriMarket App: The AgriMarket app is designed to provide farmers with real-time market prices for their agricultural produce. It enables farmers to compare prices across different markets, facilitating better decision-making regarding the sale of their crops and reducing information asymmetry.

Kisan Suvidha App: The Kisan Suvidha app offers a one-stop solution for farmers, providing them with information on weather forecasts, crop-specific advisory, market prices, agrochemical dealers, and farm machinery manufacturers. It serves as a digital resource for farmers to access relevant information and services.

Crop Insurance Mobile App: The Crop Insurance Mobile App allows farmers to enroll in crop insurance schemes, calculate premium amounts, and file insurance claims digitally. It simplifies the process of insuring crops and facilitates timely compensation for losses due to natural calamities or other covered events.

Soil Health Card: The Soil Health Card initiative aims to provide farmers with personalized soil health information and recommendations. Farmers can obtain soil health cards that detail the nutrient status of their soils, enabling them to make informed decisions about appropriate fertilizer application and soil management practices.

e-NAM (Electronic National Agriculture Market): e-NAM is an online trading platform that connects agricultural markets across the country. It allows farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers electronically, eliminating intermediaries and enabling transparent and efficient agricultural trade.

Swachh Bharat App: The Swachh Bharat (Clean India) App promotes cleanliness and hygiene practices. It encourages citizens to report instances of uncleanliness or sanitation issues in their surroundings, promoting community engagement in maintaining clean and sanitary living conditions.

By endorsing and supporting these e-Governance initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, especially farmers and entrepreneurs, by providing them with digital tools and resources to enhance their productivity, access markets, and participate in the digital economy. These initiatives contribute to the vision of a digitally empowered and inclusive society.