GTFD Federation’s mission is to enable rural farmers to prosper through timely supply of reliable, high quality agricultural inputs and services in sustainable manner. The aim and objective of GTFD is to work for the rural farmers through co-operative network and aspires overall economic betterment and financial autonomy of rural farmers.

The missions of this Federation are;

  • To provide agriculture inputs like fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, wormy compost etc. to the farmers through cooperative channel.
  • To Work for farmer’s ownership, to increase the crop production, to improve crops quality and productivity and reduce the cost of cultivation.
  • Economic viability of rural farmers
  • Vibrant rural communities
  • Stewardship of natural resources


We envision that farmers work together cooperatively and responsibly to achieve their social and economic wellbeing.

  • GTFD has set up a laboratory for fertilizers and its catalyst testing. Now, we are planning to set up modern laboratory for research and production of seeds.
  • Our vision to update and train the farmers for modern agricultural activities and promote and aware the farmers for organic farming through seminars and workshops.
  • Our vision to set up special division to give good price to farmers through purchase their agricultural produces whenever farmers are not able to get reasonable price.