We are dedicated to the promotion of organic farming. Organic farming is a sustainable and eco-friendly farming method that emphasizes the use of natural processes and avoids the use of synthetic-based fertilizers and pesticides. By embracing organic farming practices, we can reap numerous benefits for human health, animal welfare, and the environment.

One of the key advantages of organic farming is the reduction of health hazards associated with the use of chemical inputs. By eliminating synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, we can minimize the levels of pollution in our soil, water, and air, creating a safer and healthier environment for all.

In addition to its positive impact on health, organic farming can also contribute to cost reduction in agricultural production. By focusing on natural soil fertility enhancement methods, such as composting, crop rotation, and green manures, organic farmers can reduce their reliance on expensive synthetic inputs.

Organic farming practices promote crop diversity, which is beneficial for both the environment and the overall sustainability of agricultural systems. Furthermore, organic farming techniques prioritize the use of biological pest control and mechanical cultivation methods, minimizing the need for chemical interventions and preserving ecosystem balance.

At our federation, we are committed to promoting organic farming through various initiatives. We organize workshops and training seminars at the district, taluka, and village levels, where our team of experts educates farmers on various aspects of organic farming. These include crop diversity, soil management techniques, weed management, the importance of green manures and composting, biological pest control methods, and the use of mechanical cultivation practices.

By embracing organic farming, we can ensure that our agricultural practices are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and capable of providing us with nutritious and authentic organic food. Join us in our mission to promote organic farming and create a healthier, more sustainable future for all.