In India, there are 900 species of green seaweed, 4,000 of red seaweed and 1,500 species of brown seaweed that occur naturally. It requires no use of pesticide and grows naturally in sea water.

There is a huge demand for seaweed in the market, and there are numerous varieties that are used in many industries including processed foods, making bio-stimulants, cosmetics, paper and paints. There is a rising demand for seaweed.

Seaweed cultivation is being undertaken in Gujarat. Gujarat Co. Op. To Growers Federation Limited, has been working for the last several years to promote the cultivation of seaweed in Gujarat, India. We are working to develop newer methods of producing seaweeds.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna launched in 2020, Our team of aquaculturists, agronomists, and advisers organize many workshops and training programs for farmers round the year. We educate and promote the farmers for sea weed cultivation.